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Dalbir’s India Punjabi Boy original watercolor art by Stephen Tchudi California USA

Dalbir knows Northern India…

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  1. Hillis Nancy / Ajeet Kaur Khalsa

    Sat Nam Dalbir Singh …. it has been a real pleasure to meet you and I am so inspired by your knowledge of Northern India and its people with whom you hold genuine relationships.

    I thank you for the travels, tours and experiences you recently provided for me and my friends … Amritsar and the Golden Temple, Anandpur Sahib, Rewalsar, Mandi, Kulu, Manikaren, Dharmshala, etc. … there was even a trip to Goa … you were the link that made that trip the success that it was.

    I am deeply grateful for your natural warm friendly manner, your radiant presence and your hospitality … you are always like a shining star … whether you were recommending where to eat, (including how to safely eat at a road side stand), where to stay and / or how to interpret, understand and experience all that India is.

    Your interpersonal skills and spontaneity are gifts that opened countless doors … meeting Kashmir people … Buddhist Nun’s … Nihang Singhs , Sufi’s … Monks … Tibetan shop owners, etc, etc.

    And let me not forget the warm welcome of your immediate and extended family members who were there to serve me / us in what ever capacity that might be. I and many others are truly honored to be welcomed so warmly by you and your family.

    You truly are an inspiration to all and I wish you all the best with the launch of your web site … the world awaits to serve your destiny …and for you, Dalbir Singh, to serve their destiny by sharing your knowledge, wisdom and divine light.

    Blessings to you my Khalsa Brother in the Divine… Ajeet Kaur Khalsa (Canada)

  2. Dana Colgan

    Dalbir knows Northern India and he knows the hearts and minds of the Indian people. He is a true gem, and was a shining light during my stay in Punjab. His warm hospitality, genuine smile, great sense of humor, and deep and vibrant passion to share his knowledge and experience of his homeland and it’s rich culture and history is a great and rare gift to travelers exploring India. Dalbir’s degree in History makes him not only a fantastic and friendly tour guide, but a prolific resource of information in a wildly diverse country.

    Dalbir happily went out of his way to ensure every aspect of my trip was safe and full of rich and personal experiences. Each outing with Dalbir offered an inside experience into the local communities, not otherwise possible. Dalbir invited me to celebrate Lohri with his extended family. He shared his home, his beautiful wife, and adorable two year old daughter. They taught me to make delicious paratha and we danced during the afternoon rainstorms. He offered valuable traveling tips, connected me with reliable and honest businesses, and always had a genuine smile, both on his face and in his heart. My meeting Dalbir and his family was one of perfect synchronicity and one of my greatest gifts while visiting India. Now, I not only have a friend and tour guide in India, but I have a family.

    If you are traveling to Northern India, contact Dalbir. Your wildly vast and diverse trip to India will be transformed into an experience of a life time, rich with information and resources and adorned with friends and family.

    Thank you Dalbir Singh, Avneet Kaur and Twinkle!

    With Kindness ~ Dana Colorado (U.S.A)

  3. Jazzy Singh

    Dalbir I had real outstanding experience of touring whole India with your extensive knowledge of India’s diverse culture and your fruitful relations among different communities. I will recommend you as a best tour guide to the people out their who want’s to travel whole India and are interested in experiencing the real Indian culture. You made my trip marvelous. Thanks alot Jas from Brisbane

  4. Dalbir Singh has a heart of gold and a magical way of helping make things happen.  Over the many years since I first met him as a radiant turbaned schoolboy to now as a proud husband and father, Dalbir has developed into a strong and reliable person whose passion and love for not just his own spiritual tradition but all that India can provide warms every heart.  Dalbir is one of those treasures who make all the difference to the world.
    Guru Kaur London England

  5. As a photographic assistant and fixer in India, Dalbir is second to none.  Without him my work, which is difficult enough with him, it would be nigh on impossible without him.  Over the years that we have worked together we’ve established a good working team, and he has learned what is required in pretty much all situations.   Dalbir is good company and I would recommend him to any serious visitor to India who wants to go beyond the average.  He is the real deal.
    Nick Fleming London England


  6. Sharon Lindeman

    To dear Dalbir, Moona & Twinkle

    My heart was an open wound and the salve of your love healed it. With the joy of your spirit I found myself laughing again. I will never forget my Indian ‘family’. Moona’s cooking was / is the best I have ever tasted in India. Dalbir’s encouragement helped me climb through to the sacred healing cave. And the yogi Twinkle was my teacher. You showed India at its height, filled with the depth that can only be shared by staring deeply into the eyes of India without blinking. And for this, I will always be grateful.

    Sat Nam, Love and Prayers,

    Sharon K Lindeman / New York / USA
    September 29 2012

  7. Comment by Susan Tchudi from California USA Oct 30 2012

    Dear Dalbir

    There are so many things I love and appreciate about you:

    Your enormous sense of responsibility and care for the people around you.

    Your loving, generous nature and sweet disposition.

    Your ability to see humor in almost all crazy experiences.

    Your brilliant ability to choose beautiful places to visit and wonderful stories to tell.

    Your patience in answering hundreds of questions.

    Your equanimity – to take all things as they come with cheerfulness and ease.

    Your quick, bright smile.

    I thank you for all the wonders you have shown me, all the things you have taught me. I wish you all the best on your business path and your spiritual path.

    With much love to you and your wonderful family,

    Susan Tchudi / Yankee Hill / California / USA

  8. Comment & watercolor by Stephen Tchudi from California USA Oct 30 2012

    We had an extraordinary visit to India. Thank you for your constant energy, fabulous good humor, precise preparations, black coffee, and enormous effort to make ours the trip of a lifetime. We loved meeting your family and seeing your hometown, as well as coming to understand Sikh and Indian traditions. “Dalbir’s India” is a very special place, and we are filled with gratitude for having the opportunity to get to know Punjabi Boy.
    Stephen Tchudi / Yankee Hill / California / USA / email:

    Dalbir’s India Punjabi Boy watercolor original by Stephen Tchudi
    Punjabi Boy

    Dalbir’s India Punjabi Boy

  9. Murray Mason

    Comment by Murray Mason from Penticton BC Canada Feb 7 2012

    I met Dalbir Singh in Anandpur Sahib Punjab India while I was on a visit and working on a fiction novel with a portion of the story occurring in Punjab.
    I was at the Dashmesh Sadan Ashram founded by Yogi Bhajan, the creator of the 3HO Organization and it was there Dalbir was introduced to me by a friend who recommended him for any assistance I may need. Dalbir in a travel adviser, guide and cultural expert. That is what his business card says, and he is that and much more. Now I call him my friend.
    I am a world traveler and have spent the last decade traveling much of the globe, and nowehre else have I met another person with the skills and knowledge Dalbir has in reference to his work as adviser and guide. Dalbir holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Defense Studies, History and Political Science, and a Bachelor of Education degree from Kashmir University. Dalbir also possesses a high degree of inter-personal skills and is a remarkable observer.

    Dalbir drove me in a well equipped and maintained vehicle to various locations in Northern India, to many sacred and historical locations. His knowledge of Sikh, Hindi, Muslim and Sufi traditions is amazing. Dalbir made all the arrangements with the local people and establishments I wished to frequent.

    The customs and culture of India are very complex and having a local man of this caliber was a God-send during my stay and research of the Sikh faith and Kundalini Yoga.

    I met his family too, and his wife Avneet and 14 month old daughter ‘Twinkle’ were also very welcoming. I was treated like an honored family member at their home as well as in the homes of their extended families. All though Dalbir is only 31 years old, has has earned the respect of the community of Anandpur Sahib, one of the most Holy sites of the Sikh tradition and where he was born and raised.

    It was through Dalbir I met an array of people who live unique lives, some who are Nihang Khalsa Spiritual Warriors, and others successful in business, which was of great direct benefit to me when I was purchasing a keepsake or a service.

    I highly recommend Dalbir Singh to anyone visiting India as his service is impeccable, and you will have his focus all the time you are there, which allows you to travel in safety and comfort and also be stress free to enjoy Incredible India!
    Murray Mason / Penticton / BC / Canada / email:

  10. Comment from Gayle Kimball California USA Oct 30 2012

    Dalbir Singh, B.A and B.ed, with a 1 1/2 year diploma in hospitality industry, is personable, well-informed, with a wonderful sense of humor and fun.
    He led five of us from North America for over two weeks with everyone pleased with the trip. He personally researched every site we visited and every hotel, making sure we had an excellent view of the mountains, lakes, or rivers we visited. He customized the trip for our particular interests, including organic farming and education. He is familiar with various religions and could explain the rituals and sacred sites we saw.

    His contacts with local people were very useful so that we didn’t just see monuments and museums. He is fluent in English as well as Hindi and Punjabi. We also requested a home-stay which was very interesting, with most of the adult children present, as well as visiting his own home with three generations.

    He was flexible when appropriate. He also helped us with shopping for gifts for our families. The car and driver he hired was also excellent, with the driver concerned about our well-being and skilled at driving in challenging traffic.

    We also were given the opportunity to do kundalini yoga every morning, a good foundation to start the day.

    I can with great sincerity recommend Dalbir as an outstanding guide to your trip to India.

    Dr. Gayle Kimball

    North India travel notes:

  11. dalbirsindia

    If you need a guide for your journey to Northern India look no
    further. Dalbir SIngh will meet all your needs and exceed all your
    expectations. He is so warm, friendly and extremely knowledgable about
    his cultural SIkh history. I stayed at his home in Anandpur Sahib. His
    wonderful wife made the most exquisite Indian food and his cute 3 year
    old daughter was such a joy. My trip here was short, about 4 days, I
    wish I stayed longer because I only scratched the surface of the many
    Gurdwaras and historical sites to see. With each Gurdwara we visited,
    Dalbir would breath an extra life and spirit into my pilgrimage
    through stories and detailed accounts of what took place in times
    past. Early one morning his father took me to a Gurdwara dedicated to
    Guru Tegh Bahadur and arranged with the Granthis for me to meditate in
    a room that the revered Guru had spent much time praying and
    mediatating in. I have much gratitude for that experience. For my next
    journey to Nothern India, Dalbir will easily be the go to choice.

    Thank you for making my stay such a wonderful one Dalbir!

    Russell Dithcfield-Agboh

  12. Meredith Stewart

    Meredith Stewart I feel blessed to have been guided by the Guru to find such an amazing guide and friend in Dalbir Singh. Before going to India Dalbir took the time to listen and understand what I was wanting to learn to strengthen my Sikhism practice. He understood that for me, my journey into Sikhism is unique and the importance for me to experience the spiritual energy and connections with the Guru. Dalbir is a shining light of knowledge, and is so passionate and respectful in supporting me throughout my whole visit to Punjab, Delhi and Odisha. Dalbir has an amazing spiritual energy and love for Sikhism, India’s history and the diverse culture which shines from within him when he is sharing his India. Dalbir also is a talented photographer and provided me with opportunities to capture memorial moments which I will treasure forever. Blessing to you Dalbir.

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