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I was born, raised and continue to live in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab India. Also known as the ‘City of Bliss’, Anandpur Sahib is the birthplace of the Sikh Khalsa. Here at the foothills of the Himalayas and at the foot of the great Ganges River, millions of pilgrims come annually to experience the deep richness of its culture and spirit.

As a teenager, at my Khalsa school, I was inspired by a foreigner, a Sikh minister, who visited my school and taught me yoga and meditation by Yogi Bhajan, a master of Kundalini yoga and white tantric yoga.
I was very interested to know more about these foreigners who frequently visited my ‘City of Bliss’ and to learn even more about the teachings that I had been brought up with all my life.

These foreigners were coming to have a deeper experience of the Guru and I enjoyed discussing this with them. This became my education, one of inquiry and illumination based on those that came before. I opened my heart and my home to these people.

It was through this sharing that Dalbir’s India was gifted and created as a place to link others to experience a deeper and richer understanding of the spirituality and the sacredness that is so often passed over in the modern day traveller’s guidebook. It is an India off the grid but once experienced it is never forgotten.

This rich land of Sikhs, Saddhus, and Saints became my passion and I found that I could mix easily with  all types of people and places.  I speak Punjabi, Hindi and English fluently and I am able to elucidate even further on the Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Sufi traditions. I am well acquainted with their sacred and historical sites. I have developed relationships and trust between people embroiled in their own unique lives.  It is India at its height, filled with a depth that can only be shared
by staring deeply into the eyes of India without blinking.

In addition to this informal education, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Defense Studies, History and Political Science and a Bachelor of Education degree from Kashmir University. It is here that I developed a deep love for the beauty of Kashmir and a longing to share this with others.
As a travel adviser, guide and for those looking for a deep cultural experience, I have lead tours and expeditions in Northern India. It is my desire to share and serve with a deeper understanding of the spiritual life and those living divinely.

I have lead tours uniquely suited to the interests of my clients. I have created
specific photographic tours revealing the intimacy of sacred life and allowing such intimacies to be captured in photographs.
I have been recommended by the BBC and other foreign journalists and photographers.

As the owner of Dalbirsindia, I would be honored to serve and provide as your travel adviser, planner and manage your cultural trip. Together, we can create an intimate yatra, pilgrimage, tour or photographic journey uniquely suited to you. Please contact me for more information.


Dalbir Singh

web:     http://www.dalbirsindia.wordpress.com

email:   Dalbirsindia@gmail.com
phone:   country  (+91) 9815696476

facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/dalbirsindia

9 thoughts on “Home Dalbir’s India

  1. Alison

    I’m a BBC producer in the UK. Dalbir was an incredibly professional fixer for a recce I was carrying out on the Marwari horse and Nihangs. He enabled access to an amazing people and it will be an experience I will remember for a life time. I feel extremely blessed to have had such a wonderful experience – an experience made all the more special by the knowledge and company of Dalbir. I very much hope to return to India and meet with Dalbir again. I’d very much like to explore more with Dalbir as my guide. Thank you Dalbir!

    1. Pardeep Singh Judge

      Dalbir Singh is such a very kind, knowledgeable and experienced person. Firstly I met him in Anandpur Sahib as a friend but after sometime I got informed that he is my relative. Now a days I have great brother in this city known as Dalbir Singh.

    2. I have traveled with Dalbir, on more than 50 pilgrimadges, experienced the Himalayas on a scooty and was so blessed to tap into the vast, spiritual knowledge and wisdoms Dalbir holds.

      I was so blessed to visit Nihang Singh camps and enter into areas where foreigners are not allowed in, because Dalbir are highly respected by the warriors.

      I can recommend traveling with Dalbir, it is and was the most awesome trips I’ve ever experienced.

      Visit my blog http://www.lilaweaver.co.za.
      Which holds a fraction of the experiences we shared.

  2. Dalbir knows Northern India and he knows the hearts and minds of the Indian people. He is a true gem and was a shining light during my stay in Punjab. His warm hospitality, genuine smile, great sense of humor, and deep and vibrant passion to share his knowledge and experience of his homeland and it’s rich culture and history is a great and rare gift to travelers exploring India. Dalbir’s degree in History makes him not only a fantastic and friendly tour guide, but a prolific resource of information in a wildly diverse country.

    Dalbir happily went out of his way to ensure every aspect of my trip was safe and full of rich and personal experiences. Each outing with Dalbir offered an inside experience into the local communities, not otherwise possible. Dalbir invited me to celebrate Lohri with his extended family. He shared his home, his beautiful wife, and adorable two year old daughter. They taught me to make delicious paratha and we danced during the afternoon rainstorms. He offered valuable traveling tips, connected me with reliable and honest businesses, and always had a genuine smile, both on his face and in his heart. My meeting Dalbir and his family was one of perfect synchronicity and one of my greatest gifts while visiting India. Now, I not only have a friend and tour guide in India, but I have a family.

    If you are traveling to Northern India, contact Dalbir. Your trip to India will be transformed into an experience of a life time; rich with information and resources and adorned with friends and family.

    Thank you Dalbir

    dharmakaya colgan

  3. i Had the pleasure of Meeting Dalbir, this October for filming of a BBC 2 Food Program , Dalbir was our wonderful contact to the Nihangs.
    But more than that Dalbir looked after us as he would his own family ,
    the knowledge and contact he has are second to none.
    Dalbir made this section of the filming a real pleasure .
    i would recommend Dalbir for all your wants and wishes for travelling in the north of India
    Thank you Dalbir
    Tony Singh

  4. The amazing thing about India is that is one of the few places where you can still experience a little magic, but it’s a big place and the magic is by no means guaranteed. Trust me, you want a good guide…

    I’ve known Dalbir for a number of years now and have been travelling with him in Northern India several times. I can’t imagine that there are many better people with whom to experience India. Especially when it comes to the devotional side of Sikh Dharma, Dalbir’s sensitivity to what you are after – even when you don’t know what that is – is remarkable. Dalbir’s home and his heart are in that place. When he takes you somewhere it’s not just another tourist destination but rather him sharing a meaningful treasure from his own experiences. All the while you are enchanted with all the stories which turn a merely interesting location into a magical scene.

    I highly recommend him and if you have any interest whatsoever in experiencing a living, vibrant spirituality, spend some time in his hometown at the foothills of the Himalayas, Anandpur Sahib, the City of Bliss…

    Hari Karam Singh

  5. I am grateful to Dalbir Singh for my amazing trip to India. It was my first India visit, and I had wish to see it as depth as possible. Since I practice yoga and meditation for a long time, I was also interested in getting experience of meditation in places where the Sikh Gurus used to live and meditate, I had hope to feel the special energy of these places.

    The trip was beyond all my expectations. I am very happy that I spent several days in Anandpur Sahib, where I got the most profound and valuable experience in my practices. This fabulous white city has amazed my imagination, this is the city where you can constantly hear the sound of Naam. This is the birthplace of Khalsa, the place where the entire history of Khalsa is kept. It was great fortune for me to be in this city during the Bhaisakhi festival, when it magically changed, adorned with garlands and flowers.

    My guide and assistant throughout the journey was Dalbir Singh, he accurately planned my India visit for 2 weeks, considering all my wishes about trip and spiritual experience. Thanks to him, I was lucky enough to visit Anandpur Sahib, which was highly important part of my journey.

    A special gift for me was to visit the camp of Nihang Singhs, the opportunity to see their life, to feel the special atmosphere of this place. After two weeks, I still continue integrating the experience gained in this trip. One impression was replaced by another all the time every day.

    During this not very long time I managed to see a lot – the Golden Temple, Gurudvaras in Anandpur Sahib and in Delhi, to practice in the places of meditations of Sikh Gurus, visit special places that are not described in any touristic guides, visit the Khalsa History Museum, get great pleasure from the organized by Dalbir Singh Kirtans, visit the Hindu temples. Every day was filled with the most valuable for me information, impressions and blessings.

    My old dream about visiting Himalayas, finally came true. During the three days of my stay in Dharamsala, I was immersed into a completely different culture, felt the special energy of this place, which was gifting peace and tranquility of mind.

    I need to say, that Dalbir Singh is a remarkable photographer, helped me capture and preserve pictures of the amazing places I visited. I express my great gratitude to Dalbir Singh and his family for organizing my trip and I am looking forward to further cooperation. My recommendation – if you want to really get a deep experience of mysterious India, without sacrificing the necessary level of comfort, contact Dalbir, he will organize your trip in the best possible way.

    Joti Kamal Kaur

  6. Sharon Lindeman

    Dalbir’s India is an amazing experience thanks to the very big hearts of Dalbir and Avneet! I stayed with them in 2012 and 2017 and their kindness and the sharing of their culture is remarkable. I was able to have both magical and spiritual experiences there. I didn’t meet them through guidebooks but through Spirit and the beautiful thing about them is that they are open to Spirit. Just singing “Sat Nam” before Avneet’s incredible meals made me feel like when I was a child, warm and loved. I can’t say enough about them. We went many places but the greatest gift was the treasure of their friendship.

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